About Us

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State of the Art Care

Based on a foundation of almost 40 years of combined experience among our senior staff, thousands of patient success stories, the latest medicines, and the newest technology, we are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. In order to provide the most streamlined care for our patients, we have on-site imaging capabilities, laboratory, and an infusion center.

Comprehensive, Personalized treatment

We care for patients with a variety of medical conditions including arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondyloarthropathies), connective tissue diseases (lupus, Sjogren Syndrome), osteoporosis, and muscle disorders.  All treatment plans are tailored to fit each individual patient's needs. We pride ourselves in knowing our patients by name and treating them with the same integrity, compassion, ethics and courtesy we would if treating our own family.

Prompt and Flexible Scheduling

We accept patients with most insurance plan. We strive to schedule appointments promptly after having received a referral or direct inquiry from a patient.  We try to accommodate our patients' busy schedules and financial situation, which sometimes involves changing our schedule or developing a payment plan.

An Improved Quality of Life

We aim to improve our patients' understanding of their underlying diseases and their quality of life.  Many of our patients tell us we have helped them when others haven't.  We are proud that the majority of our new patients are referred to us from local MD’s and our current patient

A Reputation for Excellence!

Our patients participated in a survey conducted by WJR, an independent consultant, that aimed to evaluate patient's perception of: quality of care received, improvement in symptoms, office procedures and staff, and their overall satisfaction level.  Our results were compared to other medical professionals nationwide. We received the highest possible rating and classified as an "exceptional" practice.