Our Staff


Dr. Atul K. Singhal

Medical Director

Medical Director, Dr. Atul K. Singhal has been practicing medicine for over 25 years. He is board certified in Rheumatology. He earned his medical degree from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.  He then completed a residency in Internal Medicine at State University of New York at Stony Brook and fellowship training in Rheumatology and Geriatric Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. His professional experience includes serving as an Attending Physician at various hospitals on the East Coast and in Texas. In 1997, he opened his practice, Southwest Rheumatology in Mesquite and developed a keen interest in clinical research. He has overseen and participated in over 100 clinical research trials. Dr. Singhal is married with four children and has lived in Dallas since 1995. 

Dr Megha Patel-Banker_HomeSmall

Dr. Megha Patel –Banker

Dr. Megha Patel –Banker is a board certified physician in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. She earned her medical degree from the State University of New York at Downstate.  She then completed her residency in Internal Medicine at North Shore University Medical Center and fellowship training in Rheumatology at State University of New York at Stony Brook.  After completing her Rheumatology training, Dr. Patel-Banker worked at a Rheumatology practice in Long Island, NY and served as a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital where she participated in the Rheumatology Fellowship Program. Dr. Patel-Banker moved to Dallas, TX with her family and joined Southwest Rheumatology in November 2015.  She is excited to call Texas her new home and enjoys biking, jogging, and traveling.      

Dr Carmen Campbell_HomeSmall

Dr. Carmen Campbell

Dr. Carmen Campbell is a board certified physician in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology.  She earned her medical degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson.  She then completed her Internal Medicine Residency followed by a year as Chief Resident at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI.  She subsequently completed her Rheumatology fellowship at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI.  Following fellowship, she moved to Dallas, Texas with her family and shortly thereafter joined Southwest Rheumatology in November 2015.  Her areas of special interest include Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) and Antiphospholipid Syndrome.  As an Arizona native, she is excited to be back in the southwest and to call Texas her new home.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, young son, and dogs.

Margie Werbner_small

Margie Werbner

Margie Werbner has worked for Dr. Singhal for nearly 17 years. Because of this, she has been in the unique position of watching this practice grow from the beginning.  Margie helps our office by handling accounts payable, research stipends, and scheduling infusions. She feels closeness for the patients who have been here since the beginning as well as meeting new patients. "Dr. Singhal has without a doubt been the best boss I have ever worked for."


Ann Meeks

Ann Meeks is our volunteer recruitment specialist for the research department. For many years, she worked in the apparel industry and spent 30 years in the production and manufacturing of men and women’s apparel, but after deciding a change in scenery was in order, Ann began learning to be a medical assistant. Her employers quickly found out that the fine-tuned skills she learned in manufacturing made her a great fit for medical research. She uses her memory, attention to detail, and compassion for people to good use in her position. Ann is a staple at the office, she feels strongly that what we do is for the care of our patients and is passionate about caring for our patients as people, not as numbers.

Meshell Austin_small

Meshell Austin

Meshell Austin is our dedicated Office Manager and began working at SWARG in 2007. Along with her managing duties, she also coordinates the Clinical trial contracts and budgets, assists with infusion patients, and with the copay assistant programs. Meshell is the mother of two and the grandmother of one.


Sandra Rodriguez_small

Sandra Rodriguez, LVN

Sandra Rodriguez, LVN has worked at SWARG since 2008. Her work experience has included both clinical and research areas. She works as the main nurse assisting the doctors, as well as working in clinical and pharmacy areas. As a clinical nurse, she prepares both infusion and research medication for either infusions or subcutaneous injections. Additionally, she initiates IV’s for infusion of medication and keeps her patients safe and as comfortable as possible. She also completes patient medication prescription refills through prior authorization, completes call backs to patients in regards to lab results, and finally, provides the best possible recommendations to her ability.  

Steve Macofsky_small

Steve Macofsky


Steve Macofsky, LMRT has been our X-Ray Technician since 2009. He has worked in the medical profession since his graduation from X-Ray school in 1979. Along with his X-ray duties, Steve also performs MRI's on our state-of-the-art hand and wrist scanner. Additionally, he helps with patient care, lab test ordering, and serves as a joint assessor for many of our research studies. Steve is a people person who loves to discover humor and joy in all aspects of life. His hobbies include travel and marine reef aquarium keeping.

Pauline Matheri_small

Pauline Matheri

Pauline Matheri has been working in research for over 11 years and started working at SWRR in 2012. She has expanded her experience as a Certified Research Coordinator in the fields of Respiratory, Women's Health Studies, Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Central Nervous System, GI Disorders, Lipid Disorders, Immune Disorders and Musculoskeletal studies. She enjoys cooking, spending time with family and discovering unique eating places.

Nancy De La Cruz_small

Nancy De La Cruz

Nancy De La Cruz has been working in the medical field since 2004 as a medical assistant. She has been working in the field of clinical research since 2007. Throughout her career as a clinical research coordinator, Nancy has obtained certifications, such as Certified Clinical Research Coordinator from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (2013), and Certified Clinical Medical Assistant from the National Health Career Association (2014). The training she has received serves to ensure the welfare of human research participants and ensure the integrity of each clinical trial conducted at the site. She has worked in a wide variety of research areas, including internal medicine, asthma/allergy, immunology, oncology, and rheumatology.

Guadalupe Cindo_small

Guadalupe Cindo

Guadalupe Cindo has worked at SWRR a little over a year as a Clinical Research Coordinator. She began working in the medical field in 2004 as a Certified Medical Assistant. She began her research career in 2011 and joined our clinic in 2015. Since then, she has been working on many Phase II-IV research studies. Her therapeutic expertise includes Cardiovascular Comorbidities, Endocrinology, Mental Disorders, GI Disorders, Respiratory, Chronic Pain, Sleep Disorders and Autoimmune Disorders.

Alejandra Guevara_small

Alex Guevara

Alex Guevara has over 10 years’ experience in the medical field. She previously worked in a family practice as a medical assistant. She started with SWRR in 2013 as a research assistant then became a research coordinator. In 2015 she joined our Regulatory department, making sure all regulatory documents are in order for all of our research studies. She also sees patients throughout the week as a research coordinator, and loves spending time with her family.


Leslye Benitez

Leslye Benitez is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional with 11 years of experience in medical administration and customer service, expert in medical ethic laws, medical terminology, HCPCS as well as ICD 10 and CPT coding. She came to us in January 2017 and handles all of our patients insurance verification and pre-certification.

Jose Solorio_small

Jose G. Solorio

Jose G. Solorio began working at SWARG in 2016. He has over fifteen years’ experience in the medical field working as a medical assistant. Previously, Jose worked for an Internal Medicine office for over 11 years, working in both the private practice and clinical research sides of the clinic. Jose is looking forward to starting a new journey in the Rheumatology field.


DeAmbria Montgomery

DeAmbria Montgomery has worked in medicine for 9 years and joined the team at SWRR in July of 2016. DeAmbria works as a research assistant doing various things for our research studies and team. DeAmbria is the mother of one son and one daughter whom she adores dearly.


Leonardo Hernandez

Leonardo Hernandez has worked in the medical field for six years. He graduated Medical assisting school in 2011 and is fully experienced in blood draws, starting IVs for patient infusions, administering injections, and is also CPR certified. He has been married for five years and they have a beautiful one year old daughter. He loves soccer and spending time with his family.


Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander has worked in the Lab and Medical field for over 11 years, with experience in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Histology, and now Research. She attended Remington College for Medical Assisting, and then Kaplan University for an Associates in Health Information Technology. She is married with a daughter and son. One of her favorite quotes is "If you haven't felt like quitting, your dreams aren't big enough".


Brandy Aguillon

Brandy Aguillon is the newest patient scheduling coordinator for Southwest Arthritis Research Group.  She began working in the medical field in 2003 in the front office area.  When away from work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends!


Joan Mendoza

Joan Mendoza is a National Licensed Pharmacy Technician. She became certified in the year 2004. Joan started working with SWRR in September 2015. She has worked in our Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Tech, but is now one of our Regulatory Specialists. Joan is a wife and mother of five beautiful children. She loves to spend time with her family.


Debbie Livingston

Debbie Livingston Is the newest addition to our front office staff. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and lives in Rockwall, with her son, daughter, and a Chiweenie named Kittie. Debbie brings to our office 10 years of medical office experience, along with a cheerful and spunky personality.


David Baca

David Baca Joined Southwest Arthritis Research Group in July 2017. He is an Army veteran, loving husband and father. He is a certified pharmacy technician and is working on his BS in Cybersecurity.


Marta Lopez

Marta Lopez joined SWAG as an assistant to the Research Coordinators and Medical Assistants. She has worked in the medical field for 18 years, with 8 of those years working at a Rheumatology office as an X-Ray tech/Medical Assistant.  Marta enjoys to be busy and loves the team she works with.


JuLissa Gomez

JuLissa Gomez has been in the medical field as a Certified Medical Assistant for over 21 years.  And a Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) since 1998.  She knew very early on that she had the love for helping and improving their quality of life.  Having worked in both hospital settings and private physician’s office she has had the opportunity to experience both front office and back office procedures. She was added to the SWRR family September 2017 as one of our Medical assistants and X-ray techs.  JuLissa is very excited to begin her new journey in the field of Rheumatology. She is a loving wife, mother of three daughters and one son.  When away from work she enjoys spending time with her family! She enjoys quite times with her mother and loves working on cars with her father. This always puts a smile on her face.


Linda Langdon

Linda Langdon started in the medical field in 2010 as a Certified Pharmacy Technician.  she began her clinical research career as a Research Assistant in Pensacola, FL.  The studies she assisted with were post-surgical pain control in abdominal, hernia, and hysterectomy surgeries.  The other studies involved testing for the flu, cardiology observational studies, and joint replacement surgeries. Linda moved from Pensacola to Dallas in January to continue her career in research at SWRR. Linda is very happily married and the proud mother of 3 adult children and 5 beautiful grandchildren.


Teresa Chavez



Melissa Barnett

Melissa Barnett is the newest Billing Specialist for Southwest Arthritis Research Group. She started working in the Medical Billing field in 2015. Melissa enjoys working all the aspects of Medical Billing and the challenges that come with it. She is very excited to start her journey here at Southwest Arthritis Research Group. Melissa is a devoted Wife, loving Mother of 2 Daughters and a Miniature Schnauzer dog. Her family loves to watch baseball and travels to different cities to watch their favorite teams play.


Melinda Lue